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Why Is My Breastmilk Watery?

There are many reasons why your breastmilk might be watery. Let’s discuss some of the most common causes for this symptom and what you can do about them!

It is normal for breastmilk to be watery. Many mothers wonder if there is something wrong because their milk seems thinner than usual, or because it leaks easily from the corners of their baby’s mouth.

There are a few reasons why your breastmilk might be watery, and they all have nothing to do with any potential problems in your diet or health.

Breastfeeding moms who experience this phenomenon should not worry! It is important to note that foremilk can be very watery – and foremilk is important of your baby’s diet. Foremilk is just the first stage of your breast milk – many women worry about their baby getting too much foremilk but rarely is it actually an issue. If you are feeding on demand and emptying your breasts regularly, your baby is likely getting the perfect combination of every stage of breast milk. There really isn’t a distinct time when your body is producing foremilk over hindmilk, it just gradually gets fattier the longer you nurse and the fattier your breast milk is.

Keep in mind that you also can’t just look at your breast milk and know the fat and nutrient content! Breast milk can look very different from mom to mom – and even at different times of the day.

If your baby is gaining weight well, you really don’t need to worry about if your milk looks watery. It’s more than likely just your norm. You should try to nurse on demand and regularly, include gentle massage and compressions, and make sure you allow your baby or pump to empty your breasts as long as possible.

If you are worried about the consistency of your breastmilk you can try a few things to make sure your supply is at its best. Including, nursing on demand, eating a healthy diet, and pumping in between nursing sessions.

As long as your baby is gaining weight, and continuing to have poopy and wet diapers you shouldn’t worry. However, as always please reach out to your provider for any questions or concerns.

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