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Stop wasting your time and money on quick fixes that may not work and join Fuss-Free First Year – the simplest way to master your milk supply with confidence. 

Milk Supply

is more than just supply and demand

Stop the Information overload

Simplify your milk Supply

Everyone has an opinion on milk supply – what’s too much, what’s too little, why you aren’t producing milk. With Fuss-Free Milk Supply, you will feel more confident to decide what information is worth listening to. 

Overcome Frustration

Avoid the frustration of common breastfeeding challenges without a clear solution with expert-led videos.

Alleviate Uncertainty

Stop relying on Google and social media – discover research-based solutions that actually work.

Find Answers

If your milk supply is having issues, there’s a reason. This resource will help you dig deeper and discover why.

Avoid Early Weaning Regrets

Avoid the regret of prematurely weaning with empowering strategies to navigate and overcome common breastfeeding obstacles.

Reduce Emotional

Struggling with your supply can take a major emotional toll. Fuss-Free Milk Supply will help alleviate that stress by giving you actionable answers and solutions. 

Find Confidence - No Matter What

No matter what your goals are, Fuss-Free First Milk Supply provides you with the tools to feel confident throughout your journey.

"'m glad I watched your online session or I never would have even heard of IGT and I would still be going down the rabbit hole to figure out what I wasn't doing right. It's frustrating for sure, but I appreciate so much all of the information and resources that you've provided"

Tired of constantly worrying about

Your milk Supply?

Milk supply worries are the #1 concern for moms that I work with – and for good reason! Without milk, breastfeeding isn’t going to happen. 

When those concerns crop up, you might find yourself turning to Dr. Google – or even scarier, a random Facebook group – for answers and might leave feeling more overwhelmed than before. 

Milk supply can be a tricky topic to navigate, which is why I created Fuss-Free Milk Supply. I want you to have the confidence to know you’re making enough milk – and to know if there is a cause to worry. 


Fuss-Free Milk Supply

The online workshop designed to make you a milk-making master. Whether you’re looking to increase your supply, understand how milk supply works, or just feel more confident, Fuss-Free Milk Supply is for you. 

Fuss-Free Milk Supply is more than just a course. It is a resource you can go back to over and over again to give you more confidence that you are doing the right thing. 

Include with Fuss-Free Milk Supply is my unique Milk Supply Self-Assessment. This takes you through my step-by-step process for assessing current or past milk supply issues and to know where to go next. 

I absolutely love your page, the info that's on it and the advocate you are for breastfeeding mothers! So many of your posts leave me feeling completely valdidated in the choices that I make when it comes to breastfeeding my babies!

I can't say it were extremely helpful in my breastfeeding journey. More importantly, you helped me learn a ton about my body so that I could feel more confident in knowing what to do next time. You educated me more than anyone I have come across and allowed me to explore new routes in hopes of breastfeeding.

Hey, I'm Katie

a mom of three and IBCLC

When I say I’ve been in your shoes, I mean it. Low supply, clogged ducts, failure to thrive, tongue ties….you name it, I went through it.

Was it hard? You betcha. But through my own breastfeeding struggles, I discovered a passion for helping other moms feel a little less alone by supporting them through compassionate, evidence-based care.

You might be wondering, “So Katie, why should I trust YOU over all the voices around me?”

Since 2015, I have helped thousands of moms take control of their breastfeeding journey. I have hundreds of hours of lactation education under my belt, over 1000 hours of directly working with families, and I want nothing more than to help more moms make breastfeeding work for them. I have taken special classes in oral restrictions, induced and relactation, bottles and pumping – and if there’s a problem I can’t solve, I don’t sleep until I find some kind of answer. Each mom I work with is etched on my heart – and I want you to be the next one!

What's included in

Fuss-Free Milk Supply

I’m pulling out all the stops with Fuss-Free Breastfeeding to ensure you get EVERYTHING you need to find success and support throughout your journey.

Fuss-Free Milk Supply Course

15 video lessons to help you establish, maintain and optimize your milk supply from the start. 

Milk Supply Self-Assessment

A unique video assessment based on my step-by-step process for determining the root cause of milk supply issues. 

Master Your Milk Supply eBook

Our 26-page guide to helping you understand your milk supply better than ever before. 

28-Day Breastfeeding Meal Plan

This meal plan was created with the unique needs of a breastfeeding mom in mind to help support your milk supply and postpartum body so YOU can be fueled to take care of your baby. 

Katie helped saved my sanity twice. After a horrible beginning with my daughter as a newborn, her latch was too shallow and extremely painful. Katie was able to get me on track to find the right support I needed to help get her latching correctly and continue our breastfeeding journey until she was 16 months when the pain returned. Katie again helped me troubleshoot the problems and find the solution to the sudden change. When I was ready to give up, she helped counsel me back to sanity and find the right treatment to get us back on track. I'm hopefully that I can keep it up until my daughter is 2 years old now because of her support. I highly recommend her services.

Thank you for helping me when I was 6weeks pp returning to work and not knowing how many oz my baby needed. Ans thank you for helping guide me into weaning my baby off the breast shield, your knowledge and communication with me at a time that I felt lost and desperate for answers was the best gift you could have given this mama and baby! We went 18m strong breastfeeding because of your page and advice.

Understand your milk supply like a pro

FUSS-FREE Milk supply

Signup today for LIFETIME Access and gain the milk supply confidence you’ve been dreaming of. 

fuss-free milk supply

Fuss-Free Milk Supply - $67

Fuss-Free First Year - $147


Frequently Asked Questions

Fuss-free Milk Supply is a great option at ANY point in your breastfeeding journey. The earlier you join, the more value you will get. But there are classes and videos and support available to support your entire milk supply journey. 

You will gain access to the course, eBook, and meal plan. You will also get limited access to our private breastfeeding community through the Low Supply forum page. Discounted consults and labs are available for members of Fuss-Free Milk Supply. 

You can submit your receipt to your insurance for possible reimbursement. We also are able to accept HSA/FSA cards. 

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