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Feel so hard

Stop wasting your precious time and money on quick fixes that don’t work and join Fuss-Free First Year – the simplest way to find confidence,  answers, and expert support for your breastfeeding journey. 


Isn't Always As Intuitive As You Think

Take Control of Your Breastfeeding Journey With

Fuss-Free First Year

Your breastfeeding experience is going to be different from your mom, your best friend, and your favorite influencer on Instagram. Instead of wondering why you’re journey seems different, Fuss-Free Breastfeeding will help you become the author of your unique tory.

Overcome Frustration

Avoid the frustration of common breastfeeding challenges without a clear solution with expert-led videos.

Alleviate Uncertainty

Stop relying on Google and social media – discover research-based solutions that actually work.

Minimize Discomfort

Find relief from physical discomfort to ensure a more comfortable & enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

Avoid Early Weaning Regrets

Avoid the regret of prematurely weaning with empowering strategies to navigate and overcome common breastfeeding obstacles.

Reduce Emotional

No matter what your goals are, Fuss-Free First Year provides you with the tools to feel confident throughout your journey.

Find Confidence - No Matter What

No matter what your goals are, Fuss-Free First Year provides you with the tools to feel confident throughout your journey.

"Your knowledge and communication with me at a time when I felt lost and desperate for answers was the best gift you could have given this mama and baby."

Hannah W

Tired of feeling overwhelmed about

feeding your baby?

No matter where you are in your journey – Fuss-Free First Year has a solution for you.

Let’s face it – most lactation support ends when you leave the hospital (if you even got it there). You might find yourself turning to Dr. Google – or even scarier, a random Facebook group – for all your questions.

Trust me – there is some wacky advice out there. I want you to feel empowered and confident through every stage of breastfeeding. Fuss-Free First Year has a class, discussion group, or live class to guide you through those stickier situations!


Fuss-Free First Year

The online breastfeeding course designed to take you from first latch to last during your first year of breastfeeding.

You spend nine months preparing for your brand-new, bundle of joy. Chances are, breastfeeding wasn’t at the top of your list of things to worry about.

Don’t worry – that’s the case for most new moms. I mean, doesn’t it just happen? Breastfeeding is natural – how hard can it really be?

With social media, well-meaning friends, and your doctor giving you mixed messages, breastfeeding can go from feeling easy to complex REAL fast.

And unfortunately, simply wanting to breastfeed isn’t always enough.

If you are tired of not knowing where to turn for help, Fuss Free Breastfeeding is for you. This exclusive, one-of-a-kind community run by an experienced IBCLC and mom was created to support you through EVERY stage of breastfeeding – from the middle of the night “is my baby eating enough” worries to those last moments when you realize weaning is more challenging than you thought.

I absolutely love your page, the info that's on it and the advocate you are for breastfeeding mothers! So many of your posts leave me feeling completely valdidated in the choices that I make when it comes to breastfeeding mmy babies!

I have been following you since my pregnancy began and didn't really always know all the terms and things but you kept me really informed and educated about breastfeeding and pumping and storage. Just following your page has improved my breastfeeding journey 110% now that I've delivered.

Hey, I'm Katie

a mom of three and IBCLC

When I say I’ve been in your shoes, I mean it. Low supply, clogged ducts, failure to thrive, tongue ties….you name it, I went through it.

Was it hard? You betcha. But through my own breastfeeding struggles, I discovered a passion for helping other moms feel a little less alone by supporting them through compassionate, evidence-based care.

You might be wondering, “So Katie, why should I trust YOU over all the voices around me?”

Since 2015, I have helped thousands of moms take control of their breastfeeding journey. I have hundreds of hours of lactation education under my belt, over 1000 hours of directly working with families, and I want nothing more than to help more moms make breastfeeding work for them. I have taken special classes in oral restrictions, induced and relactation, bottles and pumping – and if there’s a problem I can’t solve, I don’t sleep until I find some kind of answer. Each mom I work with is etched on my heart – and I want you to be the next one!

What's included in

Fuss-Free First Year

I’m pulling out all the stops with Fuss-Free Breastfeeding to ensure you get EVERYTHING you need to find success and support throughout your journey.

Fuss-Free Breastfeeding Course Vault

Gain instant access to ALL of our breastfeeding courses. From Fuss-Free Foundations through Fuss-Free Weaning, you’ll be prepared for every stage of breastfeeding. 

Community + Live Support

Breastfeeding is meant to be done with a village. With Fuss-Free First Year, you don’t just get instruction – you get to join a community of moms and experts to support you every step of the way. 

Fuss-Free Resource Library

The Fuss-Free Resource Library contains dozens of videos, printables and guides designed to help you experience more smooth sailing with your breastfeeding journey. If you have a question, you’ll find your answer here. 

Lifetime Access

No subscription fees! You’ll get lifetime access to everything you purchase PLUS any updates and changes we make in the future. 

A Peek Inside

Fuss-Free First Year

Curious about what courses you’ll? Here’s a sneak-peek at our ever-expanding library (and yes, you’ll get access to ALL new content as it’s released!). Watch the videos you need when you need them, save the rest for later!

“Fuss-Free Foundations” is a comprehensive breastfeeding course designed for expectant and new moms who want to establish a strong foundation for their breastfeeding journey. This course covers everything from the basics of breastfeeding to advanced techniques, ensuring that you feel confident and prepared every step of the way. Whether you’re a first-time mom or looking to improve your breastfeeding experience, “Fuss-Free Foundations” will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to navigate the breastfeeding journey with ease. 

“Fuss-Free Milk Supply” is our premier course designed to help you understand and optimize your milk supply.  Using my experience with low supply, this course provides evidence-based information and practical tips to help you establish and maintain a healthy milk supply, as well as troubleshoot issues. Whether you’re experiencing challenges with low supply or simply want to learn how to support your milk production, “Fuss-Free Milk Supply” will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need. 

“Fuss-Free Pumping” is tailored toward moms who are planning to pump breast milk or are currently pumping. This course offers practical guidance and tips to make your pumping experience as smooth and efficient as possible. From choosing the right pump to establishing a pumping routine, “Fuss-Free Pumping” covers everything you need to know to pump with confidence. Whether you’re returning to work, building a milk stash, or supplementing breastfeeding, this course will help you navigate the world of pumping with ease. 

“Fuss-Free Solids”  addresses the crucial balance between introducing solid foods and maintaining breastfeeding.  This course offers practical strategies and evidence-based information to help you navigate this transition with ease. From understanding your baby’s readiness for solids to creating a balanced diet that complements breastfeeding, “Fuss-Free Solids” covers everything you need to know to ensure that your baby receives the nutrition they need while continuing to benefit from breastfeeding. 

“Fuss-Free Weaning” is a comprehensive course designed to guide you through weaning from breastfeeding. This course provides practical tips and evidence-based information to help make the weaning process as smooth and fuss-free as possible. From understanding different weaning methods to managing changes in feeding routines, “Fuss-Free Weaning” covers everything you need to know to navigate this important milestone with confidence. 

“Fuss-Free Troubleshooting” is a comprehensive resource that offers support and guidance for parents facing challenges in their breastfeeding journey. This resource includes dozens of videos covering various topics that may cause bumps in the road along the way. From latching issues to engorgement and beyond, these videos provide practical tips and solutions to help you overcome breastfeeding challenges with confidence. “Fuss-Free Troubleshooting” is designed to be used as needed, allowing you to access support whenever you need it most. Join us and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to navigate the ups and downs of breastfeeding!

**Only included with purchase of Fuss-Free First Year

That's not all....

Exclusive Bonuses

I want you to be as successful as posisble with your breastfeeding journey, which is why I’m included the following resources FOR FREE when you join Fuss-Free First Year

BONUS ONE - Value: $97

28-Day Breastfeeding Meal Plan

The 28-Day Breastfeeding Meal Planning Bundle is a comprehensive resource with meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists designed to support lactation. It offers balanced, nutritious meals for busy moms, ensuring they get the essential nutrients needed for breastfeeding success.

BONUS TWO - Value - $97

Breastfeeding eBook Bundle

Navigate breastfeeding with ease with our four most popular eBooks – The Clogged Duct Cure, Newborn Breastfeeding, Oral Restrictions for Parents, and Master Your Milk Supply. These eBooks are great for new and experienced moms! 

Let's make this even easier

Use Insurance to Join

Most insurers in the United States cover the cost of breastfeeding classes and education. Check with your insurance to see what they cover and you may be able to submit your receipt for joining through insurance. This program can also purchased using HSA/FSA funds!

Katie helped saved my sanity twice. After a horrible beginning with my daughter as a newborn, her latch was too shallow and extremely painful. Katie was able to get me on track to find the right support I needed to help get her latching correctly and continue our breastfeeding journey until she was 16 months when the pain returned. Katie again helped me troubleshoot the problems and find the solution to the sudden change. When I was ready to give up, she helped counsel me back to sanity and find the right treatment to get us back on track. I'm hopefully that I can keep it up until my daughter is 2 years old now because of her support. I highly recommend her services.

Thank you for helping me when I was 6weeks pp returning to work and not knowing how many oz my baby needed. Ans thank you for helping guide me into weaning my baby off the breast shield, your knowledge and communication with me at a time that I felt lost and desperate for answers was the best gift you could have given this mama and baby! We went 18m strong breastfeeding because of your page and advice.

Become the milk-making mama you've dreamed of today

FUSS-FREE First Year

Signup today for LIFETIME Access + Limited Time Bonuses to give you the support you deserve to meet your breastfeeding goals a little easier.

Fuss-Free First Year - $147 (Payment Plan Available)


Frequently Asked Questions

Fuss-free First Year is a great option at ANY point in your breastfeeding journey. The earlier you join, the more value you will get. But there are classes and videos and support available for your entire breastfeeding journey.

You will be able to ask basic questions in the community forum, as well as in any live events that are held. If you have a complicated situation that needs face to face contact and workup, this is not included with your purchase but available at a discounted rate. Katie is an IBCLC and is ready to help get you going in the right direction!

Fuss-Free First Year and any other courses are available through Thrive Cart. You will be sent a login and apssword as soon as you enroll. The community is available through the Mighty Networks app, which you will be added to as soon as you signup. This is also where any live events will take place.

Fuss-Free First Year was created from the topics I discuss over and over again in my 1:1 consults with new moms. I’ve tried to create a course that you can use throughout your first year, that addresses the most common issues and concerns I see coming up over and over again. It’s not just a “here’s how you breastfeed” course, but a “let’s make sure you have the support you need for all those ups and downs.”

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