About The Breastfeeding Mama

What started as a Facebook group in 2015 started by a mom who recognized that breastfeeding support was seriously lacking has turned into a massive breastfeeding community and educational website.

Katie Clark, mom of three boys, struggled big time to breastfeed her second child. Despite having a good support network, she struggled to find pediatricians and medical providers that knew anything about breastfeeding.

After experiencing this, she realized how much breastfeeding moms struggled, and she started The Breastfeeding Mama Support Group on Facebook.

This group quickly grew (and it currently has over 23,000 members) – and as it grew, Katie decided to create as many free and affordable resources to help breastfeeding families around the world meet their goals.

The Breastfeeding Mama Instagram and the website were launched in 2019 and have continued to grow, reach, and support millions of families around the world through its fun, engaging, and evidence-based breastfeeding content.

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What The Breastfeeding Mama Offers

We offer a range of services – free and paid – to help breastfeeding families around the world.

Virtual Consults

It’s amazing what you can do with technology! While there are some limitations that come through virtual consults, they are a wonderful option for most moms. We offer consults for everything from prenatal consults to weaning consults and everything in between.

All consults include two weeks of messenger support through our secure portal. You can learn more about booking a consult here.

Online Courses

Education can be one of the biggest indicators of meeting breastfeeding goals. We have created a variety of different courses to help guide you through your breastfeeding journey, including:

All of these – as well as many other wonderful resources – are available together in The Breastfeeding Mama Academy.

Digital Products

In addition to courses, we have created quite a few digital products about different topics:


The Breastfeeding Mama hosts hundreds of helpful breastfeeding articles. We do our best to keep them research-based and easy to read. You can see our latest articles here.

Free Printables

We have created dozens of helpful printables to guide you to breastfeeding success. We are currently working to get these better organized and will share a link to them soon.

Featured On

Katie has been featured on podcasts, videos, and articles across many prominent websites/organizations. She is happy to be a guest on podcasts, YouTube channels, and articles about all things breastfeeding-related – click here to contact her to set something up!