4 Places to Find Smaller Flanges for Breast Pumps

Are you looking for a smaller flange for your breast pump? Here are four places that sell flanges that are smaller than 19mm!

where to find smaller breast pump flanges

Do you want to know of the most frustrating things?

The fact that the vast majority of breast pumps come with flanges that don’t fit an average woman.

Okay, maybe I don’t have the research to back that up, but in my experience, I have actually never seen someone who needs a 24mm or 27/28mm flange, which are what come standard.

The most common size I see is (drum roll please)….

15mm! What?!

And guess what? Most pump manufacturers don’t even make a 15mm flange (19mm is usually the very smallest they go down to).

Having the right-sized flange is ESSENTIAL in having a good pumping experience – which means pain-free pumping, good output, and strong sprays.

SO what’s a mom to do when she needs a smaller flange? Well, you’re in luck! There ARE companies that sell flanges and flange inserts that can make pumping with the right size a reality. Let’s dive in!

Keep in mind that you need to check compatibility with your pump and that many pumps have their warranties voided if you use off brand parts.


Maymom has the largest variety of flanges and flange inserts – all the way from 10mm up to 36mm. They are compatible with most pumps, and they have adapters as well.

They have two main kinds of flanges:

  • Traditional Funnel
  • Crater Funnel (this is only available in 10, 12, 22, 25mm, at least on Amazon)

You can buy these directly from their website or from other retailers, but I usually recommend just ordering from Amazon. They are available with Prime shipping and there are usually free returns, which is nice if you are still trying to figure out the right size.

Maymom also offers flange inserts in a variety of sizes. Personally, I haven’t loved inserts, but I know some people have good success with them! This may be a way around making a flange smaller without voiding your warranty (though it may still do that, you’d have to check with your pump company!)


LacTeck flanges come in sizes between 12mm and 27mm. They are made entirely of silicone, and they are really comfortable. They have a “baby motion” technology, which apparently is designed to help you get more milk.

I really love these flanges, and I recommend them to everyone. With that said, there is no return policy, so you want to be pretty confident in your decision to order them.

Pumpin’ Pals

Pumpin’ Pals has a slightly different sizing scale, because they are listed in traditional sizes, XS to XL. They have hard plastic and silicone flanges (silicone is only available in the smaller sizes).

With Pumpin’ Pals, you b uy either the small set or the large set, which comes with a variety of flanges so you can check compatibility more easily that way. They have a unique design, as they are more tapered than a traditional funnel. Some find these can be helpful for breast pumping pain and for elastic nipples.

Since the sizing can be a bit confusing, you can start with their sizing quiz. I believe they can be compatible with sizes 15-36mm.

Use the code pump4you for $4 off a set of flanges.


Last but not least, the Pumpables Liquid Shield Kit. These are a really interesting design – the outside is hard plastic, but the inside insert is made of silicone. They describe it like this:

“The Liquid insert moulds to the breast tissue, and provides a soft environment for the nipple to be drawn down. Because the Liquid insert is full-length, and extends all the way from the breast right past the nipple, there are no edges or friction, just a nice comfortable material of liquid silicone. “

This flange is available in 15, 17, 21, 28, and 29mm.


What size flange am I?

This is the million dollar question – what flange size do you even need? Here are a few resources:

What breast pump has the smallest flange?

Most of the popular pumps out there – Spectra, Medela, etc, have flanges that are 19 or 21mm as their smallest size. Pumpables has a 15mm flange, which is great, and I know Rumble Tuff is developing smaller flanges to come with their pumps as well.

Does Medela make smaller flanges?

The smallest flange that Medela manufacturers is 19mm, which you can buy online or at various stores. However, if you need a size smaller than that, you will need to use an off-brand. Thankfully, all the flanges I’ve listed above are typically compatible with Medela.

What happens if your breast pump flange is too big?

If your pump’s flange is too big, it may:

  • Cause swelling
  • Pain
  • Damage to the nipple
  • Less milk output
  • Slower milk output

In my experience, many moms come to me thinking they are using a flange that is too small when in reality, it is usually far too big!

I hope that this was helpful! As someone who needs somewhere in the realm of 12-13mm flanges, I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to find the right-sized flange. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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