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  • Spectra S1 PLUS


    This pump has the same abilities and features as the Spectra S2 PLUS- plus the portability of battery. This is a powerful, closed system pump.  It includes an AC Adapter/Internal rechargeable battery. Its two-phase cycling  has a let-down button to provide perfedct suction and cycling in let-down and expression mode. Here are some of the…

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    Medela Pump In Style With MaxFlow

    Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $188.99.

    This pump is a closed system, hospital grade pump with double or single pumping capabilities. Moms love that it is comfortable to wear and how its 2-Phase Expression® technology mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm. Here are some of the highlight features: Hospital grade strength Closed system AC adapter or battery High suction strength BPA Free…

  • Motif Twist Double Electric Breast Pump


    This pump is light weight and easy to use. You can take it on the go and use the battery power or the cord to charge it. With a twist of its knob you can adjust the power for the suction and massage settings and keep track of your pumping with the blue LED light…

  • $259.00

    This pump is a hospital grade, closed system double pump.  It comes with a two year warranty and moms love it because it is light weight, quiet, has a night light and is easy to use! This pump is high powered and has great suction strength making it easy to pump enough milk. Here are…

  • Ameda Mya Joy Double Electric Pump


    This pump is light weight, quiet, portable and has hospital grade strength. Moms love how comfortable it is with their custom fit flanges. The main hub is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand making it a “joy” to use! Here are some of the high light features: Hospital grade strength Quiet…

  • unimom opera

    Unimom Opera Breast Pump


    The Unimom Opera Breast Pump is a popular pump that boasts of being hospital strength. It does come at a premium price, though you can get 20% off with the code Katie20. Some insurances may cover its cost. Here are some of its standout features:  Easy to read and use touchpad screen Full suction power…

  • spectra synergy gold

    Spectra Synergy Gold Double Electric Breast Pump


    The Spectra Synergy Gold is like the Rolls Royce of breast pump. It has the latest and great technology, and it is truly designed to meet the specific needs of a pumping mom. Some of the features include:  Ability to adjust each side to have different settings True closed system LED lamp for lighting in…