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  • Breastfeeding Quick Start Guide


    When you are preparing to breastfeed there are several tips and tricks that can help make it a better experience. This Breastfeeding Quick Start Guide goes over everything you need to know to get started on your breastfeeding journey.

  • breastfeeding boot camp

    Breastfeeding Bootcamp


    I am so busy – do I REALLY need a breastfeeding class?

    Girl, I get you.

    I don’t even remember when I had last time to sit down and watch my favorite show – let alone take a class!

    But if you want to breastfeed – one of the best investments of your TIME and MONEY will be on preparation and lactation education.

    I offer lots of classes, but I decided to offer this basic one for moms just like you who just don’t have time to learn EVERYTHING – but want to be prepared.

    I promise, I won’t waste your time. In 30 minutes, you’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to get started on the right foot with breastfeeding. Guaranteed.

  • zomee

    Zomee Z2 Double


    The Zomee Z2 is a small yet powerful breast pump that has great user reviews from other moms. It features:  Hospital-grade strength 2-year warranty 3 pumping styles – massage, expression, and 2-phase  19 suction modes Portable Lightweight Closed system Backlit LCD Screen Single or Double PUmp Battery rechargeable Great for working/traveling moms SAVE 20% with…