Fuss-Free Weaning


Weaning is one of the most challenging parts of breastfeeding.

After working with thousands of moms over the years, I have found that the longer you breastfeed, the less support there is…which usually results in people being totally lost when it comes to weaning.

Weaning can be emotional for both mom and baby – but it can also be a joyous ending to a beautiful journey.

I want the latter for you, which is why I created “Fuss-Free Weaning” – an online workshop designed to help you make the decision to wean, know how to go about it, and just make the process a little bit easier.

This workshop is designed to provide you with simple and down-to-earth approaches to weaning that will make it easier on the whole family!



What’s Covered: 

  • Getting Started
  • Weaning Before One
  • Daytime Weaning
  • Nighttime Weaning
  • Weaning from the Pump
  • Troubleshooting

What’s Included: 

This digital workshop includes: 

  • Engaging videos (with subtitles!)
  • Printable Workbook
  • Printable Routine Cards
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • 24/7, Lifetime Access

What Others Have Said:

Katie is so sweet and relatable. It was so nice to hear her speak of her experiences and have some solidarity in the feelings of weaning. She offered tips on where and how to start, which felt most daunting for me. 
Lindsey M.


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