The Clogged Duct Cure

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Have you ever dreamed of breastfeeding with the pain and frustration of clogs? 

Clog ducts are pretty much the worst – trust me, I know. When my second baby was born, I had clogged duct after clogged duct – and one of them even was the size of the kiwi.

I experienced a drop in milk supply, pain, and almost got to the point where the clog needed to be aspirated.
Let’s just say, it was m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e.
Little did I know – I didn’t just have to suffer through them…

Clogged ducts are one of the most common issues you might experience while breastfeeding – but it doesn’t mean you HAVE to.

But how do you know what advice is right? Chances are, you’ve asked yourself these questions…


Does that social media hack actually work. Obviously, everything should be 100% truthful, but if you are selling transformation, it’s good to show that you went through your own transformation along the way

Is there something you are doing (or not doing) that is causing the clogs to persist Your rock-bottom point. What was the thing that made you decide to take a different path

Is there cause for concernAn intrigue-based discovery of “the thing” you used to get results

What can you ACTUALLY do to treat & prevent further clogs And of course the results

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Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside the Digital Copy of “The Clogged Duct Cure” 

  • 29 pages filled with current research, tips, tricks, and resources
  • Videos to help you replicate techniques I share – including Therapeutic breast massage, hand expression, and Myofascial release
  • Up-to-date recommendations from the ABM – and what popular remedies align with them
  • Tips for pumping moms – I know you often get left out of the conversation, and that’s NOT okay
  • Concise yet helpful information on what clogged ducts are, why they happen, prevention, and treatment
  • On page 28 I address what the “stringy” stuff is
  • What to do when the clog doesn’t go away

What Emily Thought…

“I thought I learned all the clogged duct tricks with my first!”

This is an awesome guide. I would recommend every breastfeeding parent read this at the beginning of their breastfeeding journey because it teaches you how to prevent, not just treat, clogged ducts. 

I’m currently breastfeeding my second baby and I thought I learned all the clogged duct tricks with my first but there is so much I didn’t know. 

I learned so much and you will too! Buy it now so you can prevent clogged ducts from happening and so you know what to do if you get one!”



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