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  • The Lactation Success Pack

    Do you ever wish breastfeeding came with a handbook? 

    Well, now it does. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Toolkit is the TOP resource every breastfeeding mom needs.

    Breastfeeding might be natural – but believe me, it doesn’t always come naturally.
    When my first child was born, I knew nothing about breastfeeding. And I was very fortunate that I really didn’t have any issues.
    But when my second child came along – it was a WHOLE different ball game. We had every problem in the book, and I had no idea where to turn for advice.
    Google said this, my doctor said this, my mom said something else…It was SO overwhelming. It seems like everything I read contradicted something else, and I didn’t know where to turn.
    But it doesn’t have to be this way

    Can you relate to this? After helping thousands of moms around the world learn to breastfeed, I discovered that most of us feel pretty lost when it comes to this whole breastfeeding thing.

    Which is why I created the Ultimate Breastfeeding Toolkit. I wanted to create a resource for moms JUST like you (and past me!) that was reliable, accessible, and covered all the major and minor questions people have.

    Is my newborn’s breastfeeding habits normal? . Obviously, everything should be 100% truthful, but if you are selling transformation, it’s good to show that you went through your own transformation along the way

    What is going on with my breast milk supply?! What was the thing that made you decide to take a different path

    Why is my breast lumpy and red?!

    Hey…my baby is a year, what now?

    You deserve support through every stage of breastfeeding
  • fuss-free milk supply

    Fuss-Free Milk Supply


    🌼 Welcome to “Fuss-Free Milk Supply” – Your Path to Confident Breastfeeding! 🌼

    Are you an expecting first-time mom, or have you faced challenges with milk supply in the past? I understand the anxiety and uncertainty that can come with breastfeeding. That’s why I’ve designed the Fuss-Free Milk Supply!

    🌟 Why “Fuss-Free Milk Supply”? 🌟

    “Fuss-Free Milk Supply” was born out of a deep desire to support moms like you. Milk Supply tops the list of concerns new moms experience.

    I’ve witnessed the struggles, frustrations, and often, the lack of guidance provided by medical professionals in regards to milk supply. As a mom, I’ve been there myself, and as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, I understand this on an even deeper level.

    I wanted to create a resource to help cut through the bad information out there on milk supply and provide you with a foundation to be empowered with your supply and navigate issues that arise.

    Fuss-Free First Year is tailor-made for pregnant first-time moms and those who’ve experienced supply issues before. We’re here to empower you to establish, maintain, and optimize your milk supply. Whether you signup to use the self-assessment, to navitate current issues, or just to have a better understanding of how milk supply works, this course meets you where you are at. You also gain access to our supportive online community.

    🥛 What You’ll Gain:

    By enrolling in “Fuss-Free Milk Supply,” you’ll gain a solid understanding of how breast milk works, and more importantly, what’s within your control. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate your breastfeeding journey with ease.

    🌼 Key Features 🌼

    Milk Supply Self-Assessment: Our unique self-assessment tool, crafted from years of experience, will guide you through identifying and addressing your specific supply issues. It’s practical, actionable, and it works!

    Self-Paced Learning: Life can be hectic, especially with a little one on the way. That’s why our course is self-paced, allowing you to complete it in just a few hours or at your own convenience. You’ll get immediate access to lessons on:


    • All About Breast Milk 
    • The Stages of Lactation
    • Stages of Breast Milk
    • Skin to Skin
    • Supply and Demand
    • Breast Storage Capacity
    • Low Milk Supply
    • Galactagogues
    • IGT
    • Medications
    • Blood Work
    • Oversupply
    • How to Make More Milk
    • Hand Expression
    • Clogged Ducts
    • Engorgement

    Comprehensive Materials: You’ll have access to a treasure trove of resources, including informative videos, handy worksheets, and a supportive forum where you can connect with fellow moms on this incredible journey.

    🌻 Join Us Today 🌻

    Don’t let breastfeeding challenges hold you back. Take the first step toward a confident breastfeeding experience! Enroll in “Fuss-Free Milk Supply” now, and embrace the joy of nurturing your baby naturally.

    👶 Your milk supply journey starts here! 👶

    Ready to unlock the power of “Fuss-Free Milk Supply”? Click the button below to get started:

    👉 Enroll Now

    🌟 No bonuses or discounts at the moment 🌟

    Should you have any questions or need assistance along the way, our friendly support team is here to help. We can’t wait to see you flourish on your breastfeeding journey!

  • milk and solids course

    Fuss-Free Solids

    Stop the Solid Food Stress
    Learn the secrets to introducing solids while maintaining your milk supply with The Breastfeeding Mama. 

    Everything you need know about adding complementary foods to your child’s diet in less than hour

    …WITHOUT losing your supply (or sanity)

    Join Katie Clark IBCLC, as she teaches you how to balance solids with milk in this fun and engaging virtual workshop from the comfort of your home!

  • Breastfeeding Meal Plan

    28-Day Breastfeeding Meal Plan


    Ready to eat well, feel great, and MAKE MILK?!

    • Is meal planning a breeze since your baby arrived?
    • Do you know what foods increase milk supply?
    • Do you have a collection of healthy, family-friendly meals?
    • Do you feel confident in your milk supply?

    If you answered NO to any of these questions, The Power Milk Breastfeeding Meal Plan is For YOU!

    What’s Included:

    • 60+ Breast Milk Making Recipes
    • Mindless Meal Plans for 28 Days
    • Shopping Lists for Each Week
    • Nutritional Information for Every Recipe
    • Allergy-Friendly Recipes
    • Recipes the whole family will love!


    • 60 Day Postpartum Calendars (C-section Friendly)
    • Breastfeeding-Friendly Mocktail Recipe Book
    • Meal Planning Printables
    • Lactation Boosting Smoothie REcipes (OVER 40 included!)


  • Sale! the clogged duct cure

    The Clogged Duct Cure

    Original price was: $29.00.Current price is: $17.00.
    Have you ever dreamed of breastfeeding with the pain and frustration of clogs? 

    Clog ducts are pretty much the worst – trust me, I know. When my second baby was born, I had clogged duct after clogged duct – and one of them even was the size of the kiwi.

    I experienced a drop in milk supply, pain, and almost got to the point where the clog needed to be aspirated.
    Let’s just say, it was m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e.
    Little did I know – I didn’t just have to suffer through them…

    Clogged ducts are one of the most common issues you might experience while breastfeeding – but it doesn’t mean you HAVE to.

    But how do you know what advice is right? Chances are, you’ve asked yourself these questions…


    Does that social media hack actually work. Obviously, everything should be 100% truthful, but if you are selling transformation, it’s good to show that you went through your own transformation along the way

    Is there something you are doing (or not doing) that is causing the clogs to persist Your rock-bottom point. What was the thing that made you decide to take a different path

    Is there cause for concernAn intrigue-based discovery of “the thing” you used to get results

    What can you ACTUALLY do to treat & prevent further clogs And of course the results

  • Fuss-Free Weaning


    Weaning is one of the most challenging parts of breastfeeding.

    After working with thousands of moms over the years, I have found that the longer you breastfeed, the less support there is…which usually results in people being totally lost when it comes to weaning.

    Weaning can be emotional for both mom and baby – but it can also be a joyous ending to a beautiful journey.

    I want the latter for you, which is why I created “Fuss-Free Weaning” – an online workshop designed to help you make the decision to wean, know how to go about it, and just make the process a little bit easier.

    This workshop is designed to provide you with simple and down-to-earth approaches to weaning that will make it easier on the whole family!

  • pumping class

    Pump Like a Pro

    • Do you feel like pumping is taking over your life?
    • Does pumping hurt?
    • Is exclusive pumping your reality?
    • Do you want to pump and not know where to start?
    • Are you concerned about your pump output and not sure what’s normal?
    • Does your pump just confuse the heck out of you?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, Pump Like a Pro is right for you!

  • Sale! Complete Online Breastfeeding Class

    Fuss-Free Foundations

    Original price was: $77.00.Current price is: $57.00.
    • Are you confident in your ability to breastfeed?
    • Do you have a great support network?
    • Is your milk supply the last concern on your mind?
    • Are you aware of common breastfeeding challenges and solutions?
    • Did breastfeeding go perfectly with your last child?
    • Are you confident you don’t want to breastfeed?

    If you answered NO to any of these questions, The Complete Online Breastfeeding Class is right for you!