Spectra Synergy Gold Double Electric Breast Pump

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The Spectra Synergy Gold is like the Rolls Royce of breast pump. It has the latest and great technology, and it is truly designed to meet the specific needs of a pumping mom. Some of the features include: 

  • Ability to adjust each side to have different settings
  • True closed system
  • LED lamp for lighting in dark rooms
  • Very quiet
  • 5 levels of massage
  • Backflow protection
  • Touch screen LCD
  • Includes 24 and 28mm flanges
  • Memory mode

This pump can sometimes be covered by insurance, but there is often a surcharge involved. 


1 review for Spectra Synergy Gold Double Electric Breast Pump

  1. Kelly

    Okay. I get it now.
    I didn’t understand the hype about Spectra Gold. But bought one on sale anyway before I gave birth. I ended up giving birth 2 weeks before my due date and little guy refuses to latch. It’s fine, and I’m already over it. I decided to just exclusively pump what I could and do my best. (Third child, first two formula fed, not a stranger to it). I got my motif luna and things were good! I never produced more than 2oz even though I could tell there was still more left. Finally I busted open the spectra and the difference is crazy.
    I might actually get 2oz from my slacker side and 4 from my best now.
    Just sharing a review! It’s MAGIC.

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