Baby Buddha Breast Pump

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2 reviews for Baby Buddha Breast Pump

  1. Victoria

    Bought this pump as my travel pump and work pump. Super small (a tiny bit bigger then an iPhone) and the battery was great. I was able to pump a few sessions before needing to charge. The charging cord is a USB port so I was able to plug it in my car while driving. The one negative is it has a very long pull so took some time to get used to it. Def planning on using it again with baby #2 but may invest in cups with it to make it a little more portable rather then traditional flanges

  2. C. Sargent

    This little thing is powerful!! I started using this with my first born when I had to go back to work.
    The suction is very strong and the suction pattern is very unique. It has a suck suck and then a long pull.
    It’s super small and easy to pack up. You can make some modifications with the tubing to use Medela parts too.

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