Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

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This is an electric, hospital grade double breast pump that can be used as a single or double pump. It is easy to use and is compatible with other Lansinoh products and accessories.  Moms say it is comfortable to use and love how it is BPA free and easy to clean. Here are some of the highlight features:

  • Hospital strength
  • 3 pumping styles to mimic baby’s feeding pattern
  • Easy to use and comfortable for mom
  • Requires 6 AA batteries
  • AC adapter for a wall
  • FSA eligible 
  • Hygienic closed system
  • Light weight
  • Light up LCD display shows time, suction level, pumping modes and batter power all at one glance

1 review for Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

  1. Megan

    I am writing this review based solely on my experience with this pump and no other pumps. I am a first time mom and got this pump for free through my insurance. I picked it based on recognizing the brand from other items in my registry and minimal research indicating it was a well known brand. I am a stay at home mom who is breastfeeding and pumping just for “emergency/convenience use.” My son is 8 weeks old and has only had a bottle 3 times. This pump is easy to clean, disassemble, reassemble, and learn how to use. It is rather loud and I just assumed most pumps are. For me this is not an issue. I pump between 0 and 4 times a day and so far it still works great for me. I ordered the Kindred Bravely Sublime nursing/pumping bra and it works well with that. Otherwise it is very awkward to hold to your breasts and operate. I do notice a couple of drops left in the flanges at removal but I just drip them into the bottle. The suction seems adequate for me but I have no other frame of reference; it is adjustable as well as the suction type. This pump does require you to lean pretty far forward to collect into the bottles. Again, not an issue for me as I’m typically on the couch, but could be a big problem for others. It has a plug for the outlet and is battery operated. I have not really noticed a difference in strength between the power sources. If you’re looking to be more mobile, this probably is not for you. For a first time mom with little guidance and research, this works well for me.

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