Medela Pump In Style With MaxFlow

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This pump is a closed system, hospital grade pump with double or single pumping capabilities. Moms love that it is comfortable to wear and how its 2-Phase Expression® technology mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm. Here are some of the highlight features:

  • Hospital grade strength
  • Closed system
  • AC adapter or battery
  • High suction strength
  • BPA Free
  • Easy to use with fewer parts

1 review for Medela Pump In Style With MaxFlow

  1. Victoria

    As a first time mom pumping was something I knew nothing about. Ended up getting choosing this pump bc it was covered by my insurance. There were some positives and negatives in my opinion. Positive it starts right at compressions mode and automatically switches to expression mode which is great bc I didn’t know I was supposed to be switching at some point. Also the pump is super small so great when I had to pack it and bring it on the go or to work. Big negatives is the suction is so strong when it first turns on that I would have to brace myself when It was time to turn it on. It was so strong I would almost flinch expecting the harsh pull. Also the motor seemed to malfunctioned after about 7 months. I exclusively pumped so not sure if it would last longer for those not pumping exclusively. I am going to look for a different pump with baby number 2 because of these negatives.

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