Medela Symphony Rental Breast Pump

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This  is an FDA-approved, multi-user, hospital-grade rental breast pump designed exclusively for mothers with a medical necessity. For rental through insurance, a medical necessity that prevents successful breastfeeding is required. This pump is not available as an out-of-pocket purchase. Here are some of the highlight features:

  • Hospital grade
  • Electric Pump
  • 2-phase expression technology
  • Double or single pumping capabilities
  • Adjustable speed and vacuum combinations
  • BPA Free

1 review for Medela Symphony Rental Breast Pump

  1. C. Sargent

    I had twins born at 28 weeks so they had a long NICU stay. I was given this pump while still in the hospital after giving birth.
    The pump is very large but does the job.
    Whenever I have had to use a different pump, either while in the NICU or driving with the portable pump insurance gave me…I notice the difference between this one and the others.
    I can pump for 20 minutes and get 4oz on each side whereas I use a different pump and get maybe 1oz in that same time period.
    If you are having any issues with pumping or breastfeeding, I’d ask for this pump.

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