Spectra S1 PLUS

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This pump has the same abilities and features as the Spectra S2 PLUS- plus the portability of battery. This is a powerful, closed system pump.  It includes an AC Adapter/Internal rechargeable battery. Its two-phase cycling  has a let-down button to provide perfedct suction and cycling in let-down and expression mode. Here are some of the high light features:

  • LCD Display with Auto-Timer
  • Two Level Lighting
  • Adjustable suction settings in both letdown and expression modes 
  • AC Adapter/Internal rechargeable battery
  • Single of double pumping capabilities
  • Quiet motor
  • Night light
  • Customizable pump settings

1 review for Spectra S1 PLUS

  1. Gina Garcia Aguilar

    This is my ride or die pump! You can’t beat the functionality, it’s realizable, and it’s rechargeable so you’re not stuck to a wall.

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