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Can Breastfeeding Cause a Fever?

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. Many unexpected things may pop up as you begin your breastfeeding journey. If it is your first time breastfeeding or even if you are a seasoned mom- it’s important to listen to your body and make sure you are aware of any and all changes to ensure you are the healthiest you can be to keep up your milk supply.

Can breastfeeding cause a fever?

While breastfeeding on its own won’t cause a fever- you may develop a fever while breastfeeding because of an underlining issue. One common side effect of breastfeeding is developing something called Mastitis. According to the Mayo Clinic Mastitis is an inflammation of breast tissue that causes an infection. Symptoms may include: breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness. You might also have fever (over 101.3) and chills. It is often compared to having the flu and is sometimes called “the milk fever”.

Mastitis is caused by blocked milk duct or bacteria entering your breast and you will most likely be put on an antibiotic. It is important to continue to breastfeed or pump while on your antibiotic to avoid your baby weaning from the breast before you are wanting them to.

If you are experiencing any of those symptoms it is important to reach out to your care provider.

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