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8 Best Bottles for Breastfed Baby Who Refuses Bottles

Bottle refusal can be so frustrating for any breastfeeding mom – especially when she needs her baby to take one! In this post, we share the top bottles other breastfeeding mamas have had success in giving to their more bottle-resistant babies.

best bottles for babies who refuse bottles

Bottles are often a major source of frustration for new breastfeeding moms. It can be difficult when your baby refuses a bottle and you need your child to take one.

Sometimes babies who refuse bottles when they breastfeed can make the whole process seem impossible. Bottle refusal is quite common. Luckily, If you are a breastfeeding mom there are several good options available today that will help you transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, and back again as you wish!

When choosing a bottle for a breastfed baby, it’s ideal to choose one with a gradually sloping nipple and a wider base to allow a baby to latch on more effectively. However, when you are desperate – sometimes the best bottle is the bottle they will take.

We surveyed a large number of moms who struggled with bottle feeding and which bottles their baby eventually took, and these ones topped the list:

⭐️ Bottles with a star our my topic pick for bottles as a lactation consultant.

In this blog post, I will discuss each of these bottles and more on bottle refusal to help you navigate this frustrating situation!

How we made our picks

As a lactation consultant, several of the bottles on this list are not ones I would normally recommend (though my two favorites made the list – you can see my top recommendations for the best bottles of breastfed babies here). However, this post was done entirely by surveying our breastfeeding mama community on Instagram about what bottles their babies finally would take.

So, don’t take this as a list of recommendations for the best bottles for breastfed babies from a lactation professional’s point of view – but more a list of bottles that desperate moms ended up using that worked. Because at the end of the day, the best bottle is the one your baby will take!

8 Best Bottles for Breastfed Baby Who Refuses Bottles

Lansinoh Bottles

lansinoh bottles

These are some of the best baby bottles for nursing moms. The NaturalWave Nipple is clinically proven to reduce nipple preference so babies can switch back and forth between the breast and the bottle. It features a gradually sloping nipple, which allows for a deep latch – similar to that at the breast.

This is a bottle I actually feel tops the list of best bottles for breastfed babies overall. I was happy to see so many moms have had success with it.


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA and BPS free
  • The slow-flow nipple is designed to reduce the intake of air helping to reduce air bubbles and colic.
  • Can easily hold up to 8 oz. of breast milk
  • Can find a 3 pack on Amazon for around $16

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Natural Flow Bottle

This is the perfect bottle and a great option to help your baby get used to a bottle. It will help with the way your baby swallows due to the different nipples that come in varying sizes. Some say it is the most like mom’s nipple that helps baby to feel like they are nursing from their mother’s breast


  • The nipple stretches, flexes and pumps just like the breast for a good latch every time
  • Anti-colic valve is uniquely located at the bottom of the bottle to reduce gassiness and fussiness
  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Can find a 3 pack on Amazon for around $14

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

These bottles were made to mimic mom’s breast due to the nipple design to help with nipple rejection and help with forming a more natural latch. And unlike most plastic or glass bottles, they are made from a soft silicone material.


  • Made of silicone
  • Affordable price on Amazon for around $13
  • Has an ultra wide neck to help with cleaning
  • Dual anti-colic vents prevent unwanted air intake and help reduce colic

Evenflo Balance+

evenflo balance bottles

This is a recommendation I have heard from several moms as the only bottle that worked after trying countless.


  • Slow flow rate for optimal feeding
  • Glass bottle
  • 1-piece venting to help with colic
  • Nipple promotes a wide latch

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles

dr. brown's bottles

Comes with a slow flow level 1 nipple however lactation consultants recommend purchasing a preemie nipple to help breastfed babies first transition to the bottle. 


  • Air ventilation system allows a slower milk flow rate and reduces the amount of air thanks to its vent system
  • Known to help reduce colic in babies
  • Assists with making bottle feeds easier for your breastfed baby
  • There are several parts that require cleaning
  • Can find on Amazon for $18.99

Playtex Baby Nurser with Drop-in Liners

platex baby nurser

The drop-in plastic liners used in this bottle are convenient for bottle feeding. Many babies find this bottle to work well.


  • Pre-Sterilized liners that are 100% recyclable
  • Fast bottle warming technology in the bottle
  • The soft, disposable liner contracts while baby feeds- this prevents air from mixing with milk and allows air-free feeding, reducing colic, gas and fussiness
  • Designed for on-the-go moms
  • Can find a 3 count on Amazon for around $18

Nanobebe Baby Bottle

It comes with everything you need to begin your breastfeeding and bottle journey. Including their award-winning baby bottles for breastfed babies that encourage a smooth transition from breast to bottle and back again.


  • Can be found on Amazon for around $40
  • It’s short and wide shape help the milk cool and heat twice as fast as standard bottles
  • Bottles are stackable for optimal organization
  • The kit comes with two breast pump adapters, two pacifiers and a non-electric warming bowl 

Tomme Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle

These easy transition feeding bottles are perfect for switching back and forth between the breast and bottle and are ideal for newborn babies and up.


  • Anti-colic thanks to the venting anti-colic nipples
  • Holds up to 9 ounces
  • The sensitive bottle nipple flexes like mom and is made of smooth silicone that helps baby feel like they are closer to skin
  • BPA Free
  • Has a wide neck
  • Can be purchased in a 4 pack on Amazon for $25

MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles

Their vented base design releases your liquid gold slowly helping to reduce colic symptoms. Thanks to its elongated nipple shape this baby bottle will feel just like mom so parents and other family members can feed the baby and your newborn can easily switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.


  • Eliminates bubbles that cause gas and colic and reflux
  • Self sterilizes in the microwave
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA Free
  • Vented bottles that hold up to 9 ounces of milk
  • Can be found on in a 2 pack on Amazon for $13

Why do babies refuse bottles?

There are several reasons why this happens:

  • Your baby prefers being the breast – it might be easier for them, it might feel more comforting, etc.
  • The flow of milk – if your baby is used to a slower or faster flow at the breast, it might be hard for them to switch back and forth
  • Temperature of Bottle – babies can be particular about what they like! T
  • High Lipase – some mothers produce milk that is high in lipase, which can result in a metalic or soapy smell
  • They have an issue with their oral function.

You can learn more about what to do about bottle refusal in this article – 12 Tips for Overcoming Bottle Refusal.

How to Prevent Bottle Refusal

It can be a delicate balance to introduce a bottle while maintaining a breastfeeding relationship. If you introduce it too soon, you may have a baby to reject the breast. If you wait too long, you might have a baby who refuses the bottle.

For parents who need to have their babies take bottles, I recommend starting a “snack” bottle once every day. This doesn’t have to be a big bottle – just .5-1 ounce would be fine. However, this can really be helpful in preventing bottle refusal while maintaining a strong breastfeeding relationship.

How do I transition my breastfeeding baby to take a bottle?

Take it slow

The best way to do this is by taking it slow and easy. Know that their first bottle may be a little trickier for them. So be patient with yourself and your baby.

You can do this by choosing a good time of day to give them their bottle. The middle of the night might not be the best choice. Choose a time of day where they are most alert and when you are the most rested as well.

Try again if it doesn’t work out the first time.

You can practice once a day until your baby begins to get the hang of it. If one bottle doesn’t work well, consider moving on to another one until they find one they take to better.

Hold your baby upright

It’s important to begin by holding your baby upright. Feeding a baby from a bottle is different than nursing from the best. You will want to make sure your baby is more upright with the bottle parallel to the floor so the milk is coming at them.

Pace Bottle Feed

Paced Bottle Feeding is also a good idea. This means that you pause every few minutes during their feed to help them from getting overwhelmed and to allow them to suck at their own pace.

You can learn all about paced feeding in this article – How to Give a Breastfed Baby a Bottle and Avoid Bottle Preference.

Start off with the smallest bottle nipple available (slow flow) before slowly transitioning into bigger ones as you begin introducing the bottle. If your baby is already refusing the smallest nipple size, you may need to go back a step or two until they have successfully made it down to the slow flow nipple.

bottles for babies who refuse bottles


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