Is Breastfeeding Illegal?

A lot of new mothers have questions about breastfeeding and whether or not it is illegal. In this blog post, we will talk about where you can breastfeed and why breastfeeding was ever considered to be illegal.

Is breastfeeding illegal?

The answer to the question, “Is breastfeeding illegal?” is no, breastfeeding is not illegal.

In fact, in the United States it is protected in all 50 states. In the vast majority of countries, breastfeeding in public is protected.

However, that doesn’t mean that breastfeeding is always welcomed or accepted everywhere, even if the right is usually protected. .

There are a few places where breastfeeding might be a little more difficult

For example, some restaurants, churches, or businesses might ask you to stop breastfeeding. However, if you have the right to be there, you have the right to breastfeed there as well.

Some employers may also have policies about breastfeeding at work, especially in regards to pumping. You should talk to your employer about their policy before you return to work after having a baby.

Why was breastfeeding ever illegal?

In some places, it was thought that breasts were only for sexual purposes and that it was indecent to expose them in public. However, we know breasts are for feeding babies and that it is perfectly natural and normal to breastfeed in public.

So, there you have it! Breastfeeding is not illegal and you have the right to breastfeed anywhere that you have a right to be. If you run into any difficulties, just remember that you are protected by the law – at least in the United States and most countries. If you are visiting a new country, you may want to check out their laws to make sure you aren’t doing anything against the law.

Do you have any questions about breastfeeding? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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