15-Minute Nursing Cover Shawl Tutorial


Are you ready to learn how to make the best nursing cover? I hope so!

When Jack was born, I looked at quite a few different styles of nursing covers, and for awhile, the only ones I found were nursing cover aprons. Sure, they were super cute, but there was one big problem — they didn’t cover my back! I don’t know about you, but whenever I nursed Jack, it was very difficult to keep my back covered, while trying to hold him too. I found myself avoiding nursing in public, or I would always make sure my back was against a wall or a chair. If you don’t care about that type of thing, good for you! But I did, and I hated it.

So I started searching the Internet for how to make a nursing cover, and kept coming across nursing infinity scarfs. I didn’t necessarily want something I could wear as a scarf (I really never wear scarfs ever), so when I found that shawl style nursing covers were popular. I knew I had to make it. It provides full-coverage, you can easily pull back the top of it to look at your baby, and the fabric is so lightweight. Best of all, you can make it for less than about $5, and it only requires a little cutting and one stitch. So even if you have no clue how to sew, I am willing to bet you could figure out this easy nursing cover. I made one of these when I had Jack, and gave one to my sister as well. We both had so many people asking where we got them, I thought I’d share my experience making it with all of you.

I originally found a tutorial that I tweaked a little bit from The Coterie Blog. However, I was recently told that this website no longer existed, and I was asked to create a more in-depth tutorial. This is really the easiest nursing cover shawl out there, and I think it only takes about 15 minutes (or less!) to complete!


1 yard of jersey knit fabric, any color or pattern, that is about 60 inches wide. I always try and buy this when I have a coupon at Joann’s Fabric. However, my favorite place to find jersey knit is in the remnant pile. Those are always marked 50% off their lowest marked price and you can almost always find some.
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine (or a needle)


1. Fold your fabric in half – right sides together – and cut the fabric to be 25 inches by 30 inches. Make sure the 25-inch side is the folded edge.


2. Starting at the top of the folded edge, measure down the side about 12 inches and place a pin at the 12-inch mark. Then, pin the rest of the way down to the unfolded edge. The 12 inches at the top is for your neck hole.


3. Sew up the pinned side until you reach the beginning of your neck hole, then backstitch to put it in place.
4. Turn inside out. Enjoy!

Jack insisted on being in this picture - though he refused to look at the camera!

These are great baby shower gifts, and they are very inexpensive!

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