Will Breastfeeding Ruin My Implants?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are amazing experiences filled with joy and happiness. However, if you have had a breast augmentation it may leave you worried about whether or not your breasts will feel and see changes associated with the changes your body has just gone through.

Will breastfeeding ruin my implants?

It is important to know that you can still breastfeed even if you have breast implants. Implants are placed under the breast gland and don’t disrupt the milk ducts at all.

According to a recent study it was discovered that women with breast implants who also breast fed did not have a higher risk for skin sagging. If sagging does occur it most likely will be because of changes related to pregnancy, not nursing. However, depending on how much weight you gain during your pregnancy your breasts may get bigger than they were before.

It’s important to remember that every women and body is different and if you do for some reason experience sagging (most likely due to reasons other than breastfeeding) you should consult your doctor to find out what your options are.

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