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Which Breast Should I Start With When Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is a very personal journey for many women. No two experiences will be the same. It is common to question just about everything when it comes to breastfeeding. Many women might wonder how to know which breast to start with when breastfeeding. There are a few ways to help you figure that out.

Which breast do I start with when breastfeeding?

Typically you will want to breastfeed first on the opposite side that you began your last breastfeeding feeding. For example, if the last time you breast fed you started on the right side first and then switched to the left you would want to start your next feeding on the left side and then switch to the right.

This is because usually a baby will eat the most from the first breast. If you do switch to the second they may not eat as much (but if they do- that’s okay!) and while the breast is never fully empty- if you’re not emptying them out equally you will find one breast is fuller than the other.

In the beginning- in order to keep up with supply and demand, both breasts need to receive the ”message to keep making milk frequently in order for a good milk supply to be established.  So that’s why it is important to offer both breasts at each feeding. Sometimes your baby will become sleepy or stop suckling after the first, but try to gently remove them from your breast and offer them the other side. Once your milk supply is established your breasts will begin to make just the right amount that your baby needs. At that point you may find that you or your baby begin to favor one side over another or that one breast easier to nurse from. As long as your consistent your milk supply should keep up with how your method.

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