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  • Super Genie Hospital Grade Breast Pump


    The Super Genie Hospital Grade Breast Pump has a heavy duty motor that gets the job done all while having the beautiful, sleep design moms love. It comes with or without a liquid kit and will work with any closed system shield kit or handsfree cups. It has a convenient app that allows you to…

  • Elvie Curve Manual Breast Pump


    This is a discreet, wearable, silicone, manual breast pump for easy, hands-free expression. It fits securely in your bra enabling gentle milk expression and letdown collection. It is quiet, easy to use and perfect for on the go, occasional pumping. Here are some of the highlight features: Discreet Wearable Manual Pump Single Pumping Comfortable Lightweight…

  • Freemie Independence II


    This pump is hands-free, hospital strength closed system that allows you to easily pump on the go.  You simply slip the pump into your bra and you can double or single pump. It’s light weight and discreet making it a top pick for busy moms. Here are some of the highlight features: AC Adapter or…

  • Willow Generation 3 Double Electric Breast Pump


    This is a wearable, in bra designed breast pump making it easy to pump discreetly anytime- anywhere. It has hospital grade suction and you can connect it to its smart app to help you keep track of your ounces pumped, battery life and more! It is FDA approved and has a rechargeable battery making it…

  • Elvie Pump Double Electric


    This pump is highly rated and well loved by many busy on-the-go moms. It is completely hands free- meaning it is not attached to a cord which makes it portable and easy to use anywhere! It has an app you can connect to that tracks usage, ounces and your battery life all in one place….

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    Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

    Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $84.00.

    This is an electric, hospital grade double breast pump that can be used as a single or double pump. It is easy to use and is compatible with other Lansinoh products and accessories.  Moms say it is comfortable to use and love how it is BPA free and easy to clean. Here are some of…

  • elvie stride

    Elvie Stride


    The original Elvie is a popular hands-free pump, but it isn’t often covered by insurance. The Elvie Stride is a less-expensive, hands-free pump that is covered by many insurance providers. It features:  Default, saved preferences to help the pumping process go more quickly Single or double pump Reusable cups have a 5 oz/150 ml capacity…

  • MomCozy S9