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    Lavie Warming Massager

    Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $69.99.

    The Lavie Warming Massager brings together heat and vibration to make your pumping and nursing experience even better.  It helps improve milk flow, quicker pumping sessions, and clogged duct prevention. Get10% off with TBM10  Here are its key features: One size fits all breasts Multiple heat and vibration modes Medical grade silicone Rechargeable: Lasts for…

  • Haakaa Silicone Lady Bub Milk Collector


    The Haakaa Silicone Milk Collector goes right in your bra to collect let down as you go about your day.  It is totally discreet and its one-piece design attaches securely to your breast and collects any breast milk that would otherwise be soaked up in a nursing pad. Here are some of its key features:…

  • Junobie Milk Bags


    Junobie Milk Bags are As Seen on Shark Tank and for good reason! They come in 2 or 4 bag bundles are the first ever eco-friendly and reusable milk bags. Their shape is what makes them amazing with a wide opening for easy pouring and standing you won’t regret this purchase. Get 10% off with…

  • LaVie Lactation Massager


    The LaVie Lactation Massager has been proven to prevent clogged ducts, help speed up milk letdown and milk flow, and reduce discomfort from engorgement. It is designed for all breasts and moms are raving about it. You can use the discount code TBM10 for 10% off. Here are some of the features: Multiple vibration modes…