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  • Printable Pump Session Tracker


    This Pump Tracker is perfect to track each pumping session. Print it out and record the day and time as well as duration and ounces pumped each time. There is also a section to add notes that you can use to refer back to.

  • Pumping In Progress: Do Not Disturb Signs


    There’s nothing worse than sitting down to pump only to be interrupted by the door bell ringing or someone knocking at the door. Or equally as frustrating is when you have someone barge in on you as you are pumping. Now you can ensure your privacy and make sure you aren’t interrupted by printing out…

  • Breastmilk Storage Guidelines


    When you pump breastmilk it is important to know the best way to care for it. These simple guidelines will help you ensure your breastmilk is safe to consume and that you are able to use it after certain amounts of time. Refer back to this chart to learn everything you need to know about…

  • Tips For New Breastfeeding Moms


    As a new mom you may have a lot of questions. As a new breastfeeding mom you will probably have even more. Refer to this chart for all the top most frequently asked questions and learn the answers to help you on your breastfeeding journey. Included is a list of phone numbers and contact information…

  • Hand Expression Printable


    Hand expression is a free and convenient way to relieve engorged breasts. It can be used to stimulate milk production. Hand expressing is often used for antenatal expression of colostrum. Learn step by step instructions on how to express your breast milk. These tips and tricks will teach you techniques on  how to express your…

  • Breastfeeding Size Tracker


    Finding the right size flange is important if you are going to be pumping. It can make all the difference. This takes your through step by step instructions on how to find the perfect size for your nipple and to help you know if it is too big or too small.

  • Pump Replacement Part Reminder


    Did you know it is important to replace parts to your breast pump? Especially if you are exclusively pumping or using the pump often. This chart is perfect to help keep you on track and organized so you know when to order new parts. You can easily see and keep track of when you purchased…

  • Care Provider Questionnaire


    You want to make sure your care provider is on the same page as you when it comes to your breastfeeding wishes. This is a great list to go over with your care provider when discussing your desires to breastfeed. You can add extra questions that you think of, too.

  • Relactation Printable Plans


    This includes six sample lactation plans, including an option to “create your own”.

  • Sale! lavie lactation massager

    Lavie Warming Massager

    Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $69.99.

    The Lavie Warming Massager brings together heat and vibration to make your pumping and nursing experience even better.  It helps improve milk flow, quicker pumping sessions, and clogged duct prevention. Get10% off with TBM10  Here are its key features: One size fits all breasts Multiple heat and vibration modes Medical grade silicone Rechargeable: Lasts for…

  • Kindred Bravely Nursing Tank


    The Kindred Bravely Tank is super soft, stretchy, and supportive tank is the perfect top to take you from your first trimester through postpartum, nursing, and  more. The cut is extra long to help you feel more comfortable and secure with your post baby belly. Use code 20TBM for 20% off Here are its key…

  • Sale!

    Kindred Bravely Pumping Bra 3 Pack

    Original price was: $179.97.Current price is: $135.00.

    The pumping bras from Kindred Bravely are a favorite among breastfeeding moms. It features an EasyClip™ so you can wear this comfy, all-in-one bra around the clock for pumping, nursing, or both at the same time.  Use the code 20TBM for 20% off Here are some of its key features: One bra to nurse and…

  • Haakaa Colostrum Collector


    The Haakaa Colostrum Collector gives you the option to express colostrum antenatally and postnatally in a safe, easy-to-use storage solution.  It is  made of 100% medical grade silicone, and it is easy to use and reuse. It comes with 6 x Colostrum Collectors (4ml) and a complimentary cotton wipe, together in a clear storage case….

  • Haakaa Silicone Lady Bub Milk Collector


    The Haakaa Silicone Milk Collector goes right in your bra to collect let down as you go about your day.  It is totally discreet and its one-piece design attaches securely to your breast and collects any breast milk that would otherwise be soaked up in a nursing pad. Here are some of its key features:…

  • Ceres Chill


    The Ceres Chill is an amazing product where you pump directly into the chiller—no need for a fridge or bulky ice packs and plastic bottles. It keeps milk cold for up to 20 hours. This chiller includes inner chamber with cap, outer body with lid, and a versatile connecting collar with bottle and pump threads…

  • Silverette


    Silverette Nursing Cups is what you need to combat sore or cracked nipples while breastfeeding. The proof is in the silver! They are clinically tested, FDA-registered, and designed with your comfort in mind. Use TBM10 for 10% off  Here are some of its key features:  Easy to use and made of high-quality, natural materials Secret…