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    Breastfeeding SVG Files

  • Suck Training for Infants


    This two page document contains various suck training techniques for infant. This can be distributed for free to clients and patients but not resold. Please consult with your medical provider for additional support.

  • Post Frenectomy Revision Stretches


    This two page document contains stretches – as prescribed by Dr. Ghaheri – to do post revision for tongue and/or lip ties. Please consult with a medical provider before doing any of these. This can be distributed for free to clients.

  • Simple Feeding Tracker


    Whether you breastfeed or pump you will want to keep the best track possible on what side of the breast you fed or pumped last. This tracker is an easy way to take the guess work out of it for you. There is a column of the date, time, left or right, ounces pumped, notes…

  • Printable Pump Session Tracker


    This Pump Tracker is perfect to track each pumping session. Print it out and record the day and time as well as duration and ounces pumped each time. There is also a section to add notes that you can use to refer back to.

  • Pumping In Progress: Do Not Disturb Signs


    There’s nothing worse than sitting down to pump only to be interrupted by the door bell ringing or someone knocking at the door. Or equally as frustrating is when you have someone barge in on you as you are pumping. Now you can ensure your privacy and make sure you aren’t interrupted by printing out…

  • Breastmilk Storage Guidelines


    When you pump breastmilk it is important to know the best way to care for it. These simple guidelines will help you ensure your breastmilk is safe to consume and that you are able to use it after certain amounts of time. Refer back to this chart to learn everything you need to know about…

  • Alcohol and Breastfeeding Chart

  • Tips For New Breastfeeding Moms


    As a new mom you may have a lot of questions. As a new breastfeeding mom you will probably have even more. Refer to this chart for all the top most frequently asked questions and learn the answers to help you on your breastfeeding journey. Included is a list of phone numbers and contact information…

  • Infant Emergency Prep Printable


    This checklist is designed to help you be prepared for an emergency with your infant!

  • Breastfeeding Birth Plan


    This printable will allow you to keep track of everything you need to remember when it comes to your wishes for your breastfeeding journey and plan. It covers all the topics you will want to think about and discuss with your provider. It is the prefect way to keep track of everything and have it…

  • Baby Care Tracker


    This Baby Care tracker is a way to keep track of all the important stuff to help you take the best care of your baby as possible. It includes a chart to keep track of your baby’s feedings (including which side of the breast you fed or pumped last) , sleep duration and when they’ve…

  • Pediatrician Interview


    It is important to choose the right pediatrician for your family. You will want to find a doctor who you feel comfortable with and respects your choices and is on the same page as you. When you begin to look for a pediatrician you can often schedule a meet and greet beforehand to see if…

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    Quick Reference Breastfeeding Charts

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    These breastfeeding quick reference charts are perfect for a new parent – you can download them, laminate them, and put them on a ring, then take them every you go. Perfect for a babyshower present or just to help yourself feel a little more confident in breastfeeding. This download includes 23 pages that can be…

  • Breastfeeding Birth Plan Notes


    This blank note printable is perfect to keep track of anything and everything! Blank pages are a way to write lists, thoughts, etc. Going into your birth it is important to have a birth plan AND a breastfeeding birth plan. Before your baby is born write down your hopes and wishes when it comes to…

  • Paced Bottle Feeding

    Paced bottle feeding is a method that mimics breastfeeding and helps support the breastfeeding relationship as much as possible by ensuring baby is not over or underfed. It paces feeding in a way that allows the baby to be more in control of their feeding and eating and recognize a feeling of fullness. Learn all…