Are you Tired of Feeling Alone on Your Breastfeding Journey?

It’s time that you get the breastfeeding support you deserve.

So many mamas feel the same as you. Trust me – I have, too. 

Between the lonely pump sessions and the countless hours spent trying to get a baby latched on properly, breastfeeding isn’t for the faint of heart. 

That’s not to mention the fact that you are getting a different answer from every family member, friend, doctor, and social media account you see. 

No matter how experienced you are, there are always questions that come up – even as a lactation professional who had successfully breastfed two other kids, I still struggled with my third child

Even if you have a supportive partner, breastfeeding can still leave you feeling isolated and alone. 

If you are looking for a place to seek guidance, encouragement and support through EVERY stage of breastfeeding, look no further than… 

The Breastfeeding Mama VIP Club is an online community and learning center for mothers of breastfeeding children – from babies to toddlers and beyond. It’s more than just your BabyCenter forum or online class – it includes comprehensive breastfeeding education, interactive support with a breastfeeding specialist, and access to all of the new content we release. 

I’ve developed this after YEARS of helping countless mamas through their breastfeeding challenges, and I’ve discovered the support that’s really needed – and so rarely found.

You’ll get access to live Q&As, helpful videos, eBooks, printables, eCourses, and more!

“I’m literally mind blown with all the information and NEW things I learned about breastfeeding”

After nursing my first baby despite many challenges and being 3 months into breastfeeding my 2nd baby, I still found all the information in this course to be incredibly helpful. 

I only wish that this was around before my 1st was born! 

-Karissa, Mom of Two

Imagine what it would be like if…

You were able to have support through your ENTIRE breastfeeding journey - from pregnancy through weaning.

You were able to participate in top-rated breastfeeding classes and workshops on a variety of topics.

You were able to be part of an incredible breastfeeding community with mothers just like you.

You were able to get access to a comprehensive library of breastfeeding videos, information, and more.

With The Breastfeeding Mama VIP Club, all of this - and more - becomes a reality. You'll enjoy access to research-based information and support, as well as community and encouragement that only other breastfeeding mothers can offer.

How Katie Has Helped Other Breastfeeding Mamas



Top Notch Lactation Education

Live Q&AS with a Lactation Expert

Exclusive Access to new courses and workshops

Helpful eBooks and Printables

Private Forum AND Facebook Group for Members Only

Communication is key when it comes to breastfeeding—a community only enhances this important aspect of motherhood. 

Led by a Certified Lactation Educator, IBCLC student and mom of three who has breastfed for 75 months (and counting), The Breastfeeding Mama VIP Club – TBMVIP for short – is a great place to share your experiences, offer advice to other mothers, and receive the support you deserve. 

No matter what your breastfeeding experience has been like in the past, TBMVIP will provide a sense of community and guidance that only other breastfeeding mothers can give. 

Meet Your Mentor

Hello, I'm Katie!

In 2015, I started a breastfeeding group on Facebook to find support and instead discovered my passion for helping new moms. Over the past five years, I have helped thousands of mothers figure out how to make breastfeeding work for them—and now I want to help you. 


I’m a Certified Lactation Educator, IBCLC student and mom of three who has breastfeed for 60 months (and counting). I’ve experienced firsthand the ups and downs that come with breastfeeding as well as the lack of support available for new moms.

Featured in:


I’d researched so much but had done almost no reading on breastfeeding before she was born. 

I’m due with my second soon and I want to be able to successfully breastfeed as long as possible. I feel so much more prepared this time.

I had no idea that breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful. Last time it was excruciating. 

I look forward to trying out everything that I’ve learned. 

I seriously struggled and had to quit breastfeeding early on with my first. 

A Look Inside the Club

katie helping a new mom with babies

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Each Month After

Every month you are a member, you’ll get access to new videos and printables, which are dripped out based on how long you’ve been subscribed. Some of these topics will have videos from guest experts in the field. 

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Here's What's Included in Your Membership

Total Value: $1000+

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING to make breastfeeding easy. But it’s anything but.
  • After spending hours on Google trying every single hack and trick under the sun, you’re still stuck. And being stuck feels painful—like your head (not to mention your boobs) is about to explode.
  • You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you zero results.
  • You’re over every pumping and breastfeeding “guru” telling you that this trick worked for them so it SHOULD work for you. 

If so, you’re in the right place. The Breastfeeding Mama VIP Club was created for mamas just like you. 

We understand that breastfeeding (and pumping) is a HUGE commitment, and we’re here to support you along your journey. 

The TBMM is perfect for...

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You've got questions? We have answers!

Whenever you like! This membership is designed to be done at your own pace, whenever you have the time to take in the material. We host our support calls every  second Wednesday at 10 AM via Zoom – and you’re always welcome to join live if you’re available – kiddos are welcome, too!

You will have access to all the resources inside the membership as long as you are a member.  If you signup for the lifetime upgrade, you will all the content forever. 

Rather than give you a one-size-fits-all approach to breastfeeding, this membership guides you through your entire breastfeeding journey. Not only do we provide videos and eBooks but continual support through interactive forums, Q&As, interviews with other experts, and more. 

We understand that the membership isn’t for everyone – that’s why we offer month-to-month enrollment. If you’re unhappy, you do not have to renew – simply let us know before your next renewal and fill out this form to cancel your membership.

The membership is a month-to-month purchase. If you really hate it within the first 10 days of your membership, you can get a refund. Otherwise, just let us know you’d like to cancel three days prior to the next billing cycle, and we’ll get your membership cancelled. For the lifetime membership, we have a 15 day refund period. 

This is perfect for all ages of babies! The content you get in the first month is primarily for newborns, but each month after, content will be focused on supporting you throughout your entire breastfeeding journey.