Resolve your breastfeeding issues with ease!

What’s Included?

This ten minute video gives you an overview of the MOST common issues breastfeeding moms encounter.

This gives you the resources you need to get through those speed bumps and back on your journey to breastfeeding success.

Plus, you can revisit this video anytime you need!

Do you have a birth plan? Do you even know WHAT to plan, or WHY you need a plan? Let me help you understand the in’s and outs with this printable & video.

You can’t be your own birth boss if you haven’t thought about what you want in different scenarios — and this will help you do just that.

Do you know HOW important movement during labor is?  I’ll share about what you can do, and give some tips for ways to move to help labor progress.

This class comes as a downloadable magazine that has links to each lesson, so you can review them whenever you want!

I’m Katie, aka, The Breastfeeding Mama

And I’m here to help YOU make breastfeeding work for you!

As a mom to three and a nurse to thousands, I know what you need to know as you step into the labor room.  I’ve been an RN since 1997, and I have 20 years of labor and delivery experience.  I can’t wait to have you jump in this with me, so let’s go!

While Hilary is A nurse she is not YOUR nurse and you should ask your own provider any specific questions.  By signing up for this class you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

FYI, This bundle was previously known as my Free Birth Prep Kit, but I re-structed it to offer you more.

Top childbirth educators often give expectant parents information about the stages of labor.  Expectant mothers know they need a car seat, but may also be looking for an online course from a registered nurse.  In person classes can be so hard to fit in.  Get an online class you can do with your support person.  New moms need help with their new baby, especially if they have had a cesarean birth.  You may be birthing at a birth center, or are looking for support groups for online classes or virtual classes.  Learn relaxation techniques during the birth process is a great way to do it at your own pace with your delivery nurse.  Your birth partner should know about your birth plan, and be ready for lamaze classes or pain medication with you.  Let’s learn about baby care or newborn care.  Let’s give you some great comfort measures you won’t find in local classes.  Postpartum care is one of the best things you can fit into your busy schedule with lots of virtual options too.  Make sure you’re getting your prenatal care, and take your free childbirth classes on a wide range of topics for pregnant women.