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Find Your Fit: Flange Fitting 101

Are you experiencing pain with pumping? Do you feel like you just aren’t getting the milk output that you should? Chances are – you’re pumping with the wrong flange!

Find the Perfect Flange Without The Guesswork


One of the biggest culprits of pumping issues is an incorrect flange size. The vast majority of mothers aren’t shown how to find the correct flange size and don’t even realize more than two sizes exist. 

This 30 minute workshop has everything you need to know about learning how to find the perfect flange fit from the start!


Pre-Recorded Workshop

I will be teaching you in workshop about what a proper fitting flanges does and does not feel like, what the different types of flanges are, and how to find your perfect fit


PDF Guide

Participants will be provided with a helpful PDF eBook with information on different flange types, sizing guides, and more. 

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You will receive discounts for helpful pumping tools and for additional breastfeeding support. 

katie clark the breastfeeding mama

Meet the instructor

Hello, I'm Katie!

I am a Certified Lactation Educator, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, and IBCLC candidate. I have helped thousands of mamas around the world make breastfeeding work for them. Having breastfed my own three children, I know the ups and downs that can come with breastfeeding. 

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